Designing the layout of an espresso bar or a coffee shop

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If you’re planning to open a new coffee shop then make sure that you have a nice plan ready. It is important to focus on the convenience and comfort of the visitors. Speedy service can lead to fruitful results as most of the consumers like to have their order on time. Most of the customers would come either early in the morning or during the evening. So you need to plan it out perfectly. The walls, ceilings, and even the gate should have a creative design in order to catch the eyes of the young customers.

Poor plan and bad design can slow down the service and it will ultimately turn off the customers. First, you need to focus on designing the counters and placing the espresso machines. Once you’re finished with this your focus should be on the seating areas. It is important to make the customer feel comfortable. It is important to present the electrical plan that focuses on all the electrical outlets. This will also include important information that includes ampere, voltage, circuits, phase, etc. Along with basic electrical design, you also need to focus on other areas like the HVAC electrical output, extra lighting, and even outdoor lighting designs.

Plumbing plan is also an important aspect of a good coffee house. Water source is one of the make requirements of any restaurant or espresso bar. Water heaters, drains, grease inspector, water purification and other areas requiring water resource require prior attention. Make sure that you have proper plumbing work done or it can lead to a long term financial problem. You cannot expect to have a plumber working regularly in your coffee shop. Strategically placing the basin for the customers to use them is one of the most important aspects while designing the plan.

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