Some of the best coffee parlors in the US

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A coffee parlor is the first place that comes to your mind when you plan your first date. There are some great coffee houses in every region and a little bit of research can enrich your experience. Pure coffee in its best forms gives you a refreshing feel and makes your day.

Slate Coffee Bar in Seattle

This coffee parlor gives a stiff competition to Starbucks in Seattle. The biggest reason behind the success of this place is that the staff focuses on providing coffee in its pure form. They avoid complicated preparation and don’t use any flavor. Emphasis is given to the taste of coffee and building a nice ambiance in the shop. You can always go through the internet in order to know more about a place. Even if you’re on the lookout for a nice auto detailing shop then you can go online and make bookings at

Palace Coffee in Texas

Situated in Canyon this coffee house has been the favorite for various visitors. Though it has been there for just three years, it has successfully made a name for itself. They come up with new varieties of coffee on a regular basis and give a different feel to contemporary coffee. Creating interesting blends and serving great coffee has made it famous across America.

 Klatch Coffee in California

They take pride in their coffee blends and this has helped them in winning “United States Barista Competition” two times. Heather Perry is the owner of the shop and she has been training budding coffee roasters. Their main focus is on sourcing some of the best coffee beans and preparing great blends of coffee. The creative interiors and the ambiance make it a great experience for the visitors.

Dog River Coffee in Oregon

It has completed more than 10 years and continues to go strong. The politeness of the staff and their customer friendly behavior makes it one of the best coffee shops in town. They make sure that the clients can enjoy the freshness of coffee without any disturbance.

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